v2.0 Changes

js-conflux-sdk v2.0 has imported several big features.

Group RPC methods by namespace

From Conflux-rust v2.0.0, the pos RPC group has been added, which can be used to get PoS chain info. js-conflux-sdk will add support to PoS related RPC in v2.0. These methods are located at Conflux's sub object pos conflux.pos, for example:

async function main() {
  const conflux = new Conflux({
    url: 'https://test.confluxrpc.com',
    networkId: 1
  const status = await conflux.pos.getStatus();
  console.log('Current PoS status: ', status);
    epoch: 29,
    latestCommitted: 1725,
    latestTxNumber: '0x1e36',
    latestVoted: 1728,
    pivotDecision: {
      blockHash: '0xc8c2c58ef952f48adf00d6204d6e930f23aee26c6b9a903820bea1c012f72f3e',
      height: 120480

Check PoS RPC documentation for the complete method list.

And previous cfx RPC methods are also been moved to their own namespace, for example:

const balance = await conflux.cfx.getBalance('cfxtest:aaawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhvey1umfzwp');

Besides txpool and trace namespace is also added, so js-sdk v2.0 have four RPC namespace:

  • cfx

  • pos

  • txpool

  • trace

There also is an advanced namespace, which will provide some useful combined RPC utilities, for example:

  • getNextUsableNonce

  • getPoSInterestRate

Add new Internal contracts

Two more internal contracts are added:

  • ConfluxContext

  • PoSRegister

Add support for batch request RPC

v2.0 has add support for RPC batch invoke, for example:

const batcher = conflux.BatchRequest();

const [status, balance] = await batcher.execute();

Check here for detail introduction.

Browser exported SDK name changed to TreeGraph

Note this is a breaking change

From v2.0 the browser exported SDK class name has change from Conflux to TreeGraph.


<script type="text/javascript">
  const conflux = new window.Conflux.Conflux({
    url: 'https://test.confluxrpc.com',
    logger: console,
    networkId: 1,


<script type="text/javascript">
  const conflux = new window.TreeGraph.Conflux({
    url: 'https://test.confluxrpc.com',
    logger: console,
    networkId: 1,

Enable fast send transaction

If your RPC endpoint support txpool RPC methods, now you can fast send transaction sequencely. For example:

for(let i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
  let hash = await conflux.cfx.sendTransaction({
    from: account,
    to: 'cfxtest:aaawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhvey1umfzwp',
    value: 1
  console.log(`TX hash: ${hash}`);

Note the max sequence transaction send count can not surpass 2000

Readable ABI support

const tokenAbi = [
  // Some details about the token
  "function name() view returns (string)",
  "function symbol() view returns (string)",

  // Get the account balance
  "function balanceOf(address) view returns (uint)",

  // Send some of your tokens to someone else
  "function transfer(address to, uint amount)",

  // An event triggered whenever anyone transfers to someone else
  "event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint amount)"

const contract = conflux.Contract({
  abi: tokenAbi,
  address: 'cfxtest:aaawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhvey1umfzwp' // use a valid token address here

const balance = await contract.balanceOf('cfxtest:aaawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhveawgvnhvey1umfzwp');

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