Release notes


  • Add three debug RPC method in cfx namespace debug_getTransactionsByBlock, debug_getEpochReceiptProofByTransaction, debug_getTransactionsByEpoch

  • Add filter related RPC method in cfx namespace cfx_newFilter, cfx_newBlockFilter, cfx_newPendingTransactionFilter, cfx_getFilterChanges, cfx_getFilterLogs, cfx_uninstallFilter

  • Add pos_getAccountByPowAddress, pos_getConsensusBlocks, pos_getEpochState, pos_getLedgerInfoByEpoch, pos_getLedgerInfoByBlockNumber, pos_getLedgerInfoByEpochAndRound, pos_getLedgerInfosByEpoch in pos namespace

  • Add trace method trace_epoch in trace namespace

  • Support new scheme for epoch parameter like EIP-1898, check details here, supported methods are: cfx_getBalance, cfx_getCode, cfx_call, cfx_getNextNonce, cfx_getStorageAt


  • Add cfx_getCollateralInfo RPC method which was import from conflux-rust v2.3.0

  • SponsorInfo add two more fields availableStoragePoint and usedStoragePoint


  • Optimize the gas and storageCollateral logic of transaction population.


  • Add support the new InternalContract ParamsControl

  • Remove cfx_getLogs filter's field offset and limit

  • Add support for new RPC cfx_getParamsFromVote

  • Update typescript datatype definitions


  • Add more jsdoc comment to generate ts d.ts files

  • Move cfx related formatters (block, transaction, receipt, log and etc) to independent file ./src/rpc/types/formmatter.js.


  • Fix logFilter formater bug


  • Fix contract method batch call bug


  • Change trace epochNumber, transactionPosition from BigInt to Int

  • Add field totalEspaceTokens in getSupplyInfo's response


  • Add support for PoS RPC methods

  • Split RPC methods to it's own namespace, currently include: cfx, pos, trace, txpool

  • Add support for batch RPC

  • Browser export class name change from Conflux to TreeGraph

  • Add method getNextUsableNonce to conflux.advanced, which will first try to use txpool_nextNonce to get a usable nonce, if failed it will fall back to cfx_getNextNonce

  • Add three internal contracts CrossSpaceCall, ConfluxContext, PoSRegister

  • Add one method cfxMappedEVMSpaceAddress to address utility.

trace updates

  • Add a new boolean field valid to indicate whether this trace has change state

  • The internal_transfer_action type trace has added four new field fromPocket, toPocket, fromSpace, toSpace

  • The call and create type trace has added one new field space

For detail explanation of the trace updates check this doc.

Check v2.0 changes for change details

Provider API

  • Add provider.request to make provider compliant with EIP-1193

  • Add a new provider WechatProvider which can be used in Wechat environment

Here is the complete Conflux-rust v2.0 RPC change overview


  • Add balance key in the result of estimateGasAndCollateralAdvance as the balance of options.from.


  • Add method checkBalanceAgainstTransaction, and estimateGasAndCollateralAdvance to better estimate gas and check balance.


  • Add blockNumber to block related methods cfx_getBlockByHash, cfx_getBlockByEpochNumber, cfx_getBlockByHashWithPivotAssumption which need Conflux-rust v1.1.5 or above.

  • Add one new RPC method cfx_getBlockByBlockNubmer


  • format.bytes now only support hex string, will not accept non hex utf-8 string

  • Add cli cfxjs which can random generate a 0x1 prefix ethereum address

  • Conflux add a new method getEpochReceiptsByPivotBlockHash


  • Support keepAlive option in Conflux initialization.

  • Add one util method tracesInTree to return a tree structure traces.

  • Fix contract method override bug.

  • Add a address utility method shortenCfxAddress.


  • Support retry option in Conflux initialization.

  • Add pending transaction status enum CONST.PENDING_TX_STATUS currently have two value: FUTURE_NONCE NOT_ENOUGH_CASH


  • Optimize the address convert performance.


  • Conflux add method getAccountPendingTransactions to get one account's pending transaction.

  • Split API documents into several files, which is easy to read.


This version is corresponding to conflux-rust v1.1.3, check it's changelog for detailed info.

  • format.address will respect networkId, verbose flag even if the first parameter is an CIP37 address.

  • Add support for a standard token contract through Conflux.CRC20

  • cfx_getLogs filter option add one more field offset

  • Add one RPC method cfx_getAccountPendingInfo to get account's transaction pending info

  • epochs pubsub now accept one parameter subscription_epoch the supported values are latest_mined (default) and latest_state

  • Include blockHash, epochHash, epochNumber, transactionHash, and transactionPosition for trace RPCs

  • When ABI encoding bytes-N type, if the data's length is not enough, will auto pad (right) to N


  • getStatus method rethurn three new fields latestState, latestConfirmed, latestCheckpoint

  • add two trace related rpc traceTransaction, traceFilter

  • add one debug rpc getEpochReceipts

  • add two provider wrapper wrapEthereum, wrapConflux to work with metamask

Notice: this is an update corresponding conflux-rust v1.1.2


  • Conflux's option can pass networkId now, and add a new method updateNetworkId to sync networkId from RPC.

  • format.address will return new CIP37 addresses, if you pass a hex address, networkId should also be passed as second parameter

  • add new method format.hexAddress to format hex address

  • Wallet's constructor add a parameter networkId

  • PrivateKeyAccount constructor, decrypt, random need one more parameter networkId

  • Transaction, Message sign method need one more parameter networkId

  • Conflux's get methods will return new address, and same to contract method returned address.

  • getSupplyInfo response add new field totalCirculating

  • getStatus response add new field networkId


  • Add RPC method traceBlock to Conflux which can used to get block's execution trace


  • export Contract

// nodejs
const { Contract } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
import { Contract } from 'js-conflux-sdk'


  • add stateMutability for method from abi

console.log(contract.symbol.stateMutability) // "view"
console.log(contract.transfer.stateMutability) // "nonpayable"
  • rename EventLog.params to EventLog.arguments

await conflux.contract.Transfer(null, null, null).getLogs({
  fromEpoch: 2868400,
  toEpoch: 2868500,

/* [ 
    data: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001184b321b4e44', 
    topics: [ '0xddf252ad1be2c89b69c2b068fc378daa952ba7f163c4a11628f55a4df523b3ef', '0x0000000000000000000000001dc05200485776b79f195a1e617dbccb6826f1c4', '0x000000000000000000000000882c4ddb1d3210b5ae778360729c04cd3242df70' ], 
    arguments: NamedTuple(from,to,value)(3) [ '0x1dc05200485776b79f195a1e617dbccb6826f1c4', '0x882c4ddb1d3210b5ae778360729c04cd3242df70', 308186218974788n ] 
] */
  • add subscribeLogs for EventLog

subscription = await contract.Transfer(null, null, null).subscribeLogs();
subscription.on('data', data => { console.log(data); });
  • contract decode constructor data with out bytecode


  • add conflux.getSupplyInfo


  • WebsocketProvider with Websocket options

new Conflux({ url: 'ws://', clientConfig: { maxReceivedFrameSize: 10_1000_1000 } }) // 10 MB


  • add conflux.getVoteList

  • add conflux.getDepositList

  • update conflux.getTransactionReceipt


fix: update request id avoid repeat

// old
conflux.provider.requestId(); // "16055917399420726"
// new
conflux.provider.requestId(); // "175d4b91862001f4f81eb443"


fix: use native websocket for front-end

  • use BigInt for nodejs, JSBI for browser

// for nodejs
// old
conflux.getBalance(ADDRESS); // JSBI(1) [ -1153374696, sign: false ]
// new 
conflux.getBalance(ADDRESS); // 3141592600n


fix: EventCoder, FunctionCoder, valueCoder decode return string but not JSBI


  • add defaultGasRatio and defaultStorageRatio

conflux = new Conflux({ defaultGasRatio: 1.1, defaultStorageRatio: 1.1, ... })
  • add BaseAccount and PrivateKeyAccount

Account signTransaction and signMessage to be async

  • add wallet

wallet use for create and manage Account by address

account = conflux.wallet.addRandom(); 
// true
account = conflux.wallet.addPrivateKey(PRIVATE_KEY); 
// true
account = conflux.wallet.addKeystore(keystore, password); 
// true

wallet use for sendTransaction

// old 
account = conflux.Account(PRIVATE_KEY);
conflux.sendTransaction({ from: account.address, ...}) // address will call `cfx_sendTranscion`
conflux.sendTransaction({ from: account,  ... }) // must be instance of `Account` to sign by sdk and call `cfx_sendRawTransaction`

// new 
conflux.sendTransaction({ from: address, ... }) // if address not in `conflux.wallet`, call `cfx_sendTranscion`
account = conflux.wallet.addPrivate(PRIVATE_KEY);
conflux.sendTransaction({ from: account.address,  ... }) // if account in `conflux.wallet`, sign by account and call `cfx_sendRawTransaction`
conflux.sendTransaction({ from: account,  ... }) // same as `from: account.address`, but some user think input account instance with privateKey is unsafe
  • add Subscription

await conflux.subscribe(name, ...args);  // => id 
await conflux.subscribeEpochs(); // => Subscription with event 'data' 
await conflux.subscribeNewHeads(); // => Subscription with event 'data' 
await conflux.subscribeLogs(); // => Subscription with event 'data', 'revert' 
await conflux.unsubscribe(id); // => boolean 
await conflux.unsubscribe(subscription); // => boolean
  • add internal contract

contract = conflux.InternalContract('AdminControl'); 
contract = conflux.InternalContract('SponsorWhitelistControl'); 
contract = conflux.InternalContract('Staking'); 
  • add checksum address

// old 
conflux.getBalance('0x1B716c51381e76900EBAA7999A488511A4E1fD0a'); // ok 
conflux.getBalance('0x1B716c51381e76900EBAA7999A488511A4E1fD0A'); // ok

// new 
conflux.getBalance('0x1B716c51381e76900EBAA7999A488511A4E1fD0a'); // ok 
conflux.getBalance('0x1B716c51381e76900EBAA7999A488511A4E1fD0A'); // Error\('address checksum error'\)
  • providerFactory only accept first argument as override options

// old 
provider = providerFactory('http://localhost:12537')
// new 
provider = providerFactory({ url: 'http://localhost:12537' })
  • add batch request

provider = providerFactory({ url: 'http://localhost:12537' })
array = await provider.batch([ { method: 'cfx_epochNumber' }, { method: 'cfx_getBalance', params: ['0x0123456789012345678901234567890123456789'] }]) 
// [ '0x1381', '0x0']
  • add WebSocketProvider

provider = providerFactory({ url: 'ws://localhost:12535' })
provider.close(); // user need to close before process ternimal
  • BaseProvider instanceof EventEmitter

const EventEmitter = require('events');

// old 
console.log(new BaseProvider() instanceof EventEmitter); // false 
console.log(new HttpProvider() instanceof EventEmitter); // false

// new 
console.log(new BaseProvider({}) instanceof EventEmitter); // true 
console.log(new HttpProvider({}) instanceof EventEmitter); // true 
console.log(new WebSocketProvider({}) instanceof EventEmitter); // true
  • add CONST

const { CONST } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
  LATEST_MINED: 'latest_mined', 
  LATEST_STATE: 'latest_state', 
  LATEST_CONFIRMED: 'latest_confirmed', 
  LATEST_CHECKPOINT: 'latest_checkpoint', 
  EARLIEST: 'earliest' 
  • export format and sign without util

// old 
const { util: {format, sign} } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
// new 
const { format, sign } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
  • add Drip to replace unit

// old 
const { util } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const balance = await conflux.getBalance(ADDRESS); 

// new 
const { Drip } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const balance = await conflux.getBalance(ADDRESS); 

for input, use Drip.fromXXX to get drip number string

// old 
const { util } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const tx = { to: ADDRESS, value: util.unit.fromCFXToDrip(0.1), ... }

// new 
const { Drip } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const tx = { to: ADDRESS, value: Drip.fromCFX(0.1), ... }
  • include all method from conflux JSON_RPC document


  • friendly example code

example will guide user to use SDK step by step

  • charming code organization

split abi coder with types

split contract method, event and override


  • rename send_transaction to cfx_sendTransaction


  • Account.encrypt returned address drop '0x' prefix


  • use scrypt-js


  • RPC returned all number as hex

  • fix sendTransaction, call, estimateGasAndCollateral shallow copy options


  • Account.decrypt required keystoreV3 object as input, and put password as second parameter

// old 
Account.decrypt('password', {salt:..., iv:..., cipher:..., mac:...})

// new 
  version: 3, 
  id: '0bb47ee0-aac3-a006-2717-03877afa15f0', 
  address: '0x1cad0b19bb29d4674531d6f115237e16afce377c', 
  crypto: { 
    ciphertext: 'a8ec41d2440311ce897bacb6f7942f3235113fa17c4ae6732e032336038a8f73', 
    cipherparams: { iv: '85b5e092c1c32129e3d27df8c581514d' }, 
    cipher: 'aes-128-ctr', 
    kdf: 'scrypt', 
    kdfparams: { dklen: 32, salt: 'b662f09bdf6751ac599219732609dceac430bc0629a7906eaa1451555f051ebc', n: 8192, r: 8, p: 1 }, 
    mac: 'cc89df7ef6c27d284526a65cabf8e5042cdf1ec1aa4ee36dcf65b965fa34843d' 
  • Account.prototype.encrypt returned keystoreV3 format object

const account = new Account('0x0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef');

// old 
  algorithm: 'aes-128-ctr', 
  N: 8192, 
  r: 8, 
  p: 1, 
  dkLen: 32, 
  salt: '0xb662f09bdf6751ac599219732609dceac430bc0629a7906eaa1451555f051ebc', 
  iv: '0x85b5e092c1c32129e3d27df8c581514d', 
  cipher: '0xa8ec41d2440311ce897bacb6f7942f3235113fa17c4ae6732e032336038a8f73', 
  mac: '0xcc89df7ef6c27d284526a65cabf8e5042cdf1ec1aa4ee36dcf65b965fa34843d' 

// new 
  version: 3, 
  id: '0bb47ee0-aac3-a006-2717-03877afa15f0', 
  address: '0x1cad0b19bb29d4674531d6f115237e16afce377c', 
  crypto: { 
    ciphertext: 'a8ec41d2440311ce897bacb6f7942f3235113fa17c4ae6732e032336038a8f73', 
    cipherparams: { 
      iv: '85b5e092c1c32129e3d27df8c581514d' 
    cipher: 'aes-128-ctr', 
    kdf: 'scrypt', 
    kdfparams: { 
      dklen: 32, 
      salt: 'b662f09bdf6751ac599219732609dceac430bc0629a7906eaa1451555f051ebc', 
      n: 8192, 
      r: 8, 
      pw: 1 
    mac: 'cc89df7ef6c27d284526a65cabf8e5042cdf1ec1aa4ee36dcf65b965fa34843d' 
  • epochNumber accept earliest, latest_checkpoint, latest_confirmed label


  • add getAdmin

await cfx.getAdmin('0x89996a8aefb2228593aae723d47f9517eef1341d') // "0x1be45681ac6c53d5a40475f7526bac1fe7590fb8"
  • sendTransaction accept privateKey as from

  from: PRIVATE_KEY, // accept Account instance or privateKey 
  to: ADDRESS, // accept Account instance or address 
  • create Account accept address

new Account(PRIVATE_KEY); // {privateKey:'0x...', publicKey: '0x...', address: '0x...'} 
new Account(PUBLIC_KEY); // {publicKey: '0x...', address: '0x...'} 
new Account(ADDRESS); // {address: '0x...'}


  • defaultGasPrice, only use for sendTransaction

cfx = new Conflux({ url: '', defaultGasPrice: 100, });
// old{ address: '0x...', data: '0x...', }); // => cfx_call{defaultGasPrice:'0x64',address:'0x...',data:'0x...'}
// new{ address: '0x...', data: '0x...', }); // => cfx_call{address:'0x...',data:'0x...'}
  • remove defaultEpoch, defaultChainId, defaultGas, defaultStorageLimit

// old 
cfx = new Conflux({ url: '', defaultEpoch: 'latest_state', defaultChainId: 1, defaultGasPrice: 100, defaultGas: 10, defaultStorageLimit: 1, })

// new 
cfx = new Conflux({ url: '', defaultGasPrice: 100, })

// user could `epochNumber` and `chainId` manual on each method.


  • fix broken sourcemap


  • fix: include crypto into browserify build

// old 
ConfluxJSSDK.util.sign.randomPrivateKey() // TypeError randomBytes is not a function


  • add format.bytes

format.bytes('abcd'); //  format.bytes([0, 1, 2, 3]);
  • add contract method & event type or signature indexes

// solidity function override(bytes memory str) public function override(string memory str) public
contract.override('str'); // Error: can not determine override
contract['override(string)']('str'); // specify override method by type contract['0x227ffd52']('str'); // specify override method by signature


  • add getStatus

  • remove getRiskCoefficient and replace with getConfirmationRiskByHash

// old 
// new 
  • remove getAccount cause it's internal RPC.

  • use require replace import to gen code.


  • add defaultStorageLimit and defaultChainId for Conflux

// old 
const cfx = new Conflux({ url: '', defaultGasPrice: 100, defaultGas: 100000, })
// new 
const cfx = new Conflux({ url: '', defaultGasPrice: 100, defaultGas: 100000, defaultStorageLimit: 4096, defaultChainId: 0, })


  • abi implicitly converting string to number

solidity method: function add(uint,uint) public returns (uint);

// old 
await contract.add(1, '2'); // error! can not accept string
// new version 
await contract.add(1, '2'); // good, converting string to number


  • format nonce as JSBI.BigInt

nonce = await cfx.getNextNonce(...)
// old 100000
// new JSBI.BigInt(100000)
  • format transaction fields

tx = await cfx.getTransactionByHash(txHash) 
// old 
{ storageLimit: "0x64", chainId: "0x0", epochHeight: "0x400", ... }
// new 
  storageLimit: JSBI.BigInt(100), // JSBI 
  chainId: 0, 
  epochHeight: 1024, ... 
  • unit return string

// old 
unit.fromCFXToGDrip(123) => JSBI.BigInt(123000000000) 
unit.fromCFXToGDrip('0.1234567891') => Error('Cannot convert JSBI.BigInt')
// new 
unit.fromCFXToGDrip(123) => "123000000000" 
unit.fromCFXToGDrip('0.1234567891') => "123456789.1"
  • contract fields "code" rename to "bytecode"

// old 
cfx.Contract({code, abi, address})
// new 
cfx.Contract({bytecode, abi, address})
  • abi decodeData and decodeLog return object

result = contract.abi.decodeData('0x....')
// old 
["Tom", JSBI.BigInt(18)]
// new 
{ name: 'func' fullName: 'func(string name, uint age)', type: 'func(string,uint)', signature: '0x812600df', array: ["Tom", JSBI.BigInt(18)], object: { name: "Tom", age: JSBI.BigInt(18), } }

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