Account can be used to sign Transaction or Message. Wallet like Fluent can help you manage your accounts (privateKeys) and provide signing functions to you. SDK also provide account manage and signing functions.

Send transaction

// If you want send transaction signed by your own private key, it's need add to wallet before you send transaction
const privateKey = '0x0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef';  // use your own private key
const account = conflux.wallet.addPrivateKey(privateKey);
await conflux.cfx.sendTransaction({
  from: account.address,
  to: 'cfxtest:xxxx',
  value: 100

Random create

// create through wallet
const account = conflux.wallet.addRandom();
// create though PrivateKeyAccount
const { PrivateKeyAccount } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const networkId = 1;
const randomSeed = '0xfffff'; // any random buffer
const account = PrivateKeyAccount.random(randomSeed, networkId);

Import keystore file

const keystoreJson = {}; // read from keystore file
const account = conflux.wallet.addKeystore(keystoreJson, 'password');

Export to keystore file

const keystoreJson = account.encrypt('password');

Sign message

The Message class can be used to sign an arbitrary message.

const { Message } = require('js-conflux-sdk');
const privateKey = '0x0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef'; // privateKey
const messageHash = '0x592fa743889fc7f92ac2a37bb1f5ba1daf2a5c84741ca0e0061d243a2e6707ba';

const signatureHexStr = Message.sign(privateKey, messageHash);
const publicKey = Message.recover(signatureHexStr, messageHash);
// Or you can build a Message instance

const msg = new Message('hello world');
msg.sign(privateKey, networkId);
console.log(msg.r, msg.s, msg.v);

HD Wallet

If you want to use account from mnemonic, there is a independent package @conflux-dev/hdwallet can fulfill your requirements.

First step is install it by npm

$ npm install @conflux-dev/hdwallet

Then you can use it to get the private key and add it to conflux wallet.

const { HDWallet } = require('@conflux-dev/hdwallet');

const mnemonic = 'faint also eye industry survey unhappy boil public lemon myself cube sense';
const rootNode = new HDWallet(mnemonic);

const privateKey0 = wallet.getPrivateKeyByIndex(0);
const account0 = conflux.wallet.addPrivateKey(privateKey0);
// 40d0f137665463584cc57fce2b761572a85d1cbf1601fc93d001c129b2a11c92
// cfxtest:aargrnff46pmuy2g1mmrntctkhr5mzamh6nmg361n0

const privateKey1 = wallet.getPrivateKey("m/44'/503'/0'/0/1");
const account1 = conflux.wallet.addPrivateKey(privateKey1);

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