How to Connect Fluent

Fluent Wallet

Fluent Wallet is a Conflux Core Space wallet that allows you to manage your assets and interact with the Conflux network. It is a secure, non-custodial wallet that allows you to store, send, and receive CFX and other Conflux-based assets.

You can install it from Chrome Web Store, it's use experience is similar to MetaMask.

Fluent Wallet injects a global conflux object into the browser (as detailed in the provider API documentation). This object enables interaction between DApps and Fluent Wallet, allowing actions such as retrieving account information and initiating transactions.

The js-conflux-sdk also supports Fluent Wallet by simply configuring the SDK instance's provider to the conflux object. This setup enables the use of js-conflux-sdk within a DApp to initiate transactions through Fluent Wallet.

import { Conflux, Drip } from 'js-conflux-sdk';

const cfxClient = new Conflux();
// Actually,it is the window.conflux injected by Fluent Wallet. You can also access via window.conflux
cfxClient.provider = conflux;
conflux.on('chainChanged', cfxClient.updateNetworkId);

// Request accounts from fluent wallet, it will pop up a window to let user select account to connect with DApp when the DApp is first connected.
let accounts = await cfxClient.provider.request({ method: 'cfx_requestAccounts', params: [] });

// the you can use cfxClient to perform any operations that js-conflux-sdk supports.
let status = await cfxClient.getStatus();
console.log('chainId: ', status.chainId);

// the send transaction experience is same as js-conflux-sdk
let txHash = await cfxClient.cfx.sendTransaction({
  from: accounts[0],
  to: 'cfx:xxx',
  value: Drip.fromCFX(1),
// this will pop up a window to let user confirm the transaction.

To learn more about how to use js-conflux-sdk with Fluent Wallet, please refer to the Fluent Wallet 'how to' guide

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