Conflux Golang API

The Conflux Golang API allows any Golang client to interact with a local or remote Conflux node based on JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol. With Conflux Golang API, users can easily manage accounts, send transactions, deploy smart contracts, and query blockchain information.

Please read the documentation for more.

And read the API documentation from here.

Install go-conflux-sdk

go get

You can also add the Conflux Golang API into the vendor folder.

govendor fetch

Use go-conflux-sdk

Create Client

usd sdk.NewClient to creat a client for interact with conflux-rust node, the sdk.ClientOption is for setting Account Manager keystore folder path and retry options.

client, err := sdk.NewClient("", sdk.ClientOption{
    KeystorePath: "../context/keystore",

Query RPC

epoch, err := client.GetEpochNumber()

Send Transaction

chainID, err := client.GetNetworkID()
if err!=nil {

from, err :=client.AccountManger().GetDefault()
if err!=nil {

utx, err := client.CreateUnsignedTransaction(*from, cfxaddress.MustNewFromHex("0x1cad0b19bb29d4674531d6f115237e16afce377d", chainID), types.NewBigInt(1), nil)
if err!=nil {

txhash, err := client.SendTransaction(utx)

Interact With Smart Contract

The most simple way to interact with contract is generator contract binding by conflux-abigen, see details from here

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